Working around Water

Working around Water

Working around Water

Designed specifically for workers who perform duties around water, this course is recommended for Parks Enforcement Officers, Environment Officers, Hydrometric Scientists and Conservation Authority Staff.

Throughout this 2-day practical course, the participant will explore the many facets of safely working around and in water.

This practical based course introduces the participant to hydrology-related considerations that affect the ability to perform required vocational activities in a safe and appropriate manner.

Legislative Compliance requirements are discussed, demonstrated and utilized throughout the course that includes:

Performing Work Site Hazard Assessments

Preparing and Documenting a Safe Work Plan

Pre-inspection of industry-specific Personal Protective Equipment

Identifying and enacting an Incident Action Plan

In water activity allows the participant to learn and demonstrate proficiency with self-rescue techniques and shore-based rescue of a partner.

Tuition is $425 plus HST per person.

Working around Water safety

  • Course Code:WAW-02-17
  • Date: TBS
  • Location: Minden, ON



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