Keys of Safety Compliance

Keys of Safety Compliance

Occupational Health and Safety standards require the employer to establish a written H & S program supported by Procedural Policy and Operating Procedures for your company's employees. All of our services and programs are legislative compliant.


Legislation imposes training and education requirements for all employees. To determine the training needed for your company it is imperative to perform a hazard assessment or audit. Likewise it is vital to document the employees’ training and conduct regular and systematic complementary training.

Written Programs

Occupational Health and Safety standards require you to create a written program. One example is a Procedural Policy and supporting Operating Procedures on how to perform job tasks, such as working at height, working around water or working around ice, safely.

Remaining Current

It is not enough to just have training programs and written policies. They must be current, utilized, reviewed, and updated as necessary. A company with an out-of-date program is viewed by the Ministry of Labour the same as a company without a program.

Our Services

We can audit your existing safety programs, quantify worker task-analysis and develop your safety policies, prodedures and safety plans.

Our E-Learning Management System provides awareness safety training and can integrate your organization's safety policies and plans.

Our experiential and performance-based field safety training standardizes and validates your organization's safety training needs.




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